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Tips on How to Make a Professional Video

We often hear questions like, “Does my marketing video have to be high quality to be effective?” And here’s the question you should be asking yourself, “What does high quality mean exactly?” Does it need to have that glossed-over, perfectly edited, color-corrected look to be considered high quality? The answer […]

Explainer Video

Explainer Videos – Why You Need Them

Allow us to…explain why you need explainer videos in your marketing campaign. You’ve undoubtedly heard this term “explainer video” bandied about. There’s been a huge rise in these types of marketing videos in the past decade and for good reason. They are effective. But like with anything, efficacy is all […]


How to Build out a Video Production Studio on a Budget

It goes without saying that making high-quality videos requires high-quality equipment and production. Let’s not get it twisted, “high quality” doesn’t have to mean expensive. Of course, you could break the bank and invest in Hollywood-level videos, but that’s unnecessary if you’re just looking to create professional videos for your […]

Conference Video Production

Mastering Conference Video Production: Tips for Success

Conference video production is a specialized field that involves capturing, editing, and delivering high-quality videos to showcase the key moments, insights, and experiences of a conference. At NWT, our team of experienced producers and creative professionals work closely with organizers to create custom conference videos that effectively communicate the event’s […]

Perfect Video

How to Make a Perfect Video

With everything already written about how to make a video that properly highlights your company’s brand, it’s unlikely this will be the final word on the subject. This doesn’t, however, mean that the information contained herein won’t be incredibly useful for those looking to dive head-first into video production. We’ll […]

Corporate Video Production

How to Brand Your Company with Video

Branding your company for video is a vital step in cementing a real presence on the internet. You see, Google is in the business of rewarding websites a higher search result ranking for following a list of undefined rules that their vague algorithm enforces. While the algorithm is a mystery […]

Animation Video Production Services

What is the Value of an Animation Video?

Corporate videos come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most popular choices for a corporate video that details the brand itself is the animation video. Sometimes you’ll see it referred to as an explainer video, but in essence it’s an animation video that highlights the brand in […]


5 Reasons You Should Have a Corporate Video

If you’re debating whether or not you should invest your time and money in producing a corporate video that highlights your company’s products and services, then allow me to settle this debate once and for all.  We are sitting in a digital and visual age unlike anything we’ve ever seen. […]