Corporate videos come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most popular choices for a corporate video that details the brand itself is the animation video. Sometimes you’ll see it referred to as an explainer video, but in essence it’s an animation video that highlights the brand in an engaging and easy-to-comprehend format.

In recent years, the animation video has become a go-to for companies looking to spruce up their video offerings on their landing page. It’s more friendly and inviting than a typical video production where you rely on actors or around the office shots to sell the performance. Not to put down traditional video production as it certainly has its place in corporate video promotion. And there are those industries where animation videos aren’t quite suited.

The thing is, when it comes to “live-action” corporate video you tend to see a wider variable of quality. It’s so much more dependent on cameras, lighting, wardrobe, acting, etc. These can either look extremely amateur or incredibly slick depending on who’s behind the video production. But when it comes to animation video, there are those who can create an animation video and those who can’t. So, you’re typically getting a certain level of quality.

Example of a Quality Animation Video

NWT Media has been at the forefront of professional video production for years and as the tides turned toward animation video, they added it to their offerings. You can see an example with one of their recent animation videos for the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

The NWT produced NPMA animation video has an energy commonly associated with these types of corporate videos. It has a certain zip to it that is best served by animation. It’s a perfect example of how utilizing animated video production on your website can significantly jazz up the home page and drive engagement.

The Google search ranking algorithm might be a mystery, but we’ve decoded enough of it to know that they reward websites with relevant videos. They understand the value of video content for people scouring the internet (read: everybody).

Studies have shown that people don’t retain as much from reading as they do from viewing videos. In fact, viewers retain about 95% of the message in a video, compared to readers who on average retain about 10% of what they’ve read. That tells us that video, like those produced by NWT Media, isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity in your sales funnel.

Animation video may not be a necessity, but it significantly ups your chances of grabbing attention right away. And with a company like NWT Media, you’re going to get a straight-forward, highly engaging animated corporate video that sums up what you have to offer in an entertaining and upbeat way.

A one-minute animation video by NWT Media is worth a lot more than a ton of key word crunched “content” that’s little more than filler taking up space on your site. The internet is largely visual at this point and animation video is now one of the most requested types of corporate video.


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