If you’re debating whether or not you should invest your time and money in producing a corporate video that highlights your company’s products and services, then allow me to settle this debate once and for all.  We are sitting in a digital and visual age unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The ease with which a quality corporate video can be produced and swiftly distributed should encourage any business, no matter how small, to get in on the action.

Sure, there’s the headache associated with video production including logistics, shooting and editing, but that’s why you hire a reputable video production company with a team dedicated to taking care of the entire process.  Take for example, NWT Media, a production company in Washington, D.C. that specializes in high-quality corporate videos. They have worked with a number of high-profile clients as well as smaller enterprises to clearly communicate their brand to potential customers. A look at any of their client videos shows what’s possible when hiring the right company.

Example of a Quality Corporate Video

However, before deciding who you’re going to hire, you first need some convincing. Here are the 5 reasons you should hire someone to produce your very own corporate video.

1. Clear Communication

You could write hundreds or thousands of words on the services your company offers, and you probably should, but if you’re going to compete in this highly visual age, you need a clearly communicated visual component that gives potential customers a snapshot of what you offer and what you’re about, without asking them to fill in the blanks.

A clear corporate video also allows for transparency right off the bat, which establishes trust, an important ingredient in an eventual financial relationship.

2. Better Google Search Rankings

If you’ve Googled anything recently, you’ve seen search results for videos displayed on the first page. For example, if you were to search for “How to do my taxes” you’d see at least one YouTube video from some expert on how to easily and simply navigate through tax season

This more than proves that Google understands the importance of video to users. Some of us just want someone to show us how to do something as opposed to making us read about it. A quality corporate video that accompanies SEO-friendly text, will give you a much-needed boost in Google search.

3. Versatile Marketing

There are a number of ways to market including social media, Google Ads, print, radio, TV, etc. It’s inadvisable to simply stick with one when you have so many options available to you that will expose your brand to customers who want to do business with you.

A visual element in the form of a video establishes yourself as a real entity that can be trusted, putting the viewer at ease and offering another way to connect.

4. Broaden Your Reach

Not everyone reads or reads well. This is just a simple fact and has to be accounted for in your marketing. A corporate video allows you to reach those that don’t read or simply don’t like reading. There are some that might arrive on your website and click away if all they see is text. Place a quality video on that page and you’ve potentially converted a sale.

5. Steady ROI

When hiring a company like NWT Media to produce a video, you only shell out for the initial payment to get the thing produced. After that you own your video and can use it as needed for years to come. That’s like paying for a billboard once and just leaving it up for an endless number of people to see for an indefinite amount of time. It’s not hard to see that this strategy pays for itself many times over.

These are only 5 reasons why you should seriously consider corporate videos as another means of advertising, but I’m sure you can come up with a lot more.


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