Allow us to…explain why you need explainer videos in your marketing campaign. You’ve undoubtedly heard this term “explainer video” bandied about. There’s been a huge rise in these types of marketing videos in the past decade and for good reason. They are effective.

But like with anything, efficacy is all in the execution. A properly shot/animated explainer video can reward you with converted sales. More than 90% of buyers say they watch an explainer video before purchasing a product or signing up for a service. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth millions.


What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are exactly what they sound like. They explain a company’s product or service with the added benefit of audio and visual aid. So instead of a talking head blabbing at you, overwhelming you with talking points, we show you while explaining it.

A typical explainer video uses animation to clearly get its message across. Say, you want to discuss why the customer might want to sign up for your company’s service. In the video, you would probably follow this general outline:

  • Intro with a focus on what problem or issue the service solves
  • Discuss the solution, meaning the service and what it provides
  • Detail what makes it unique
  • Bring it on home and end with a call to action

Explainer videos can be used as a PSA, commercial, website landing page intro and pretty much anything where the goal is to grab attention and inform.

Example of a Quality Explainer Video


Benefits of an explainer video

This type of video has gained a ton of popularity because it does a lot of the heavy-lifting in your marketing campaign. Where we used to load our websites with tons of text, an explainer video gives us so much in a simple one or two-minute video. Visual aids are key to information retention. Customers skip a lot of key info when reading, but when they see it laid out for them in an easily digestible format, it just clicks.

While fielding customer questions through email or phone calls is a sign of potential business, it can also be too much. By overwhelming your business and its resources with questions that could be handled with a simple video, you tie up your time that could be spent elsewhere. An explainer video frees you up to focus on other vital parts of the operation.


How to make an explainer video

Unless you have experience and the resources to make an explainer video, it’s best to hire a professional videography company that specializes in these types of marketing videos.

They will typically start by talking with you to get to the heart of what it is your company does and what the key message is. By really delineating the core idea to be communicated, they can build a script and then a video around the best way to get that across to a wide audience.

At the end of the day, a well-executed explainer video has the potential to significantly boost revenue.

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