Branding your company for video is a vital step in cementing a real presence on the internet. You see, Google is in the business of rewarding websites a higher search result ranking for following a list of undefined rules that their vague algorithm enforces.

While the algorithm is a mystery akin to a wizard behind a curtain there are things we know to be true. One of those irrefutable certainties is that the Google gods like video production to be front and center on any landing page.

If you’re considering pulling the trigger on a corporate video production, allow us to tip you in the right direction. A corporate video is the perfect way to gain the kind of exposure that gives your revenue the shot in the arm it needs.

Example of a Quality Corporate Video

Research conducted on the subject of video versus text has shown that retention rate is much higher with a visual medium compared to reading words on a page. In fact, it’s not even a close race. Viewers on average retain 95% from corporate video while readers only retain 10%. That type of disparity should be a clue to how much you should invest in corporate video production.

NWT Media has found this to be true based on experience with corporate video clients. Clients hiring NWT to create a corporate video using a veteran video production team consistently see undeniable ROI.

Adding corporate video to your sales funnel is a sure way to bring more eyeballs to your site and thus more buyers to your digital checkout line. Not only does Google reward sites with content-relevant video production with more traffic, but the traffic that comes through is more liable to stick around, increasing the chances of converting to a sale.

Whether you decide on a traditional corporate video or a corporate animation video (also called an explainer video), you can’t go wrong. Well, that’s not exactly true. You need a company like NWT to bring not only the visual quality but the correct use of targeted messaging and branding.

Your brand fits neatly somewhere in the vast cluttered landscape of the internet. The thing is, a video that doesn’t capture your brand and speak to the right audience might as well not exist at all. You need a corporate video that showcases your brand in every aspect from the tone of the narration to the visuals.

Any truly experienced corporate video production team like NWT knows how to shape a video to uniquely capture a particular brand. A medical training company corporate video is going to look different from a camera tech company. And both of those are going to look different than an automotive company.

Take Smart Brief as an example. Watch the corporate video produced by NWT and you’ll see the unique visuals and tone that perfectly capture the brand of a digital media publisher for business news and information.

Video production is a unique skill that isn’t just a nice to have for websites but is honestly essential to staying ahead in the digital race clocked by Google. NWT and other video production companies offer the best avenue for creating corporate videos that capture your brand and deliver it to the internet masses.

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